Ford E. in Littleton, CO

5.0 | 10-05-2017

Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

a very professional group, from the workers to the top. Great value, honest, and organized. I was most pleased with the how they kept the yard clean as they moved along in the process, following a clean as you go mentality kept me and my neighbors happy.

Gail and joseph O. in Littleton, CO

5.0 | 06-06-2017

Project: Install Sod

They took the time to listen to what I wanted, made great suggestions that were fantastic for our front yard. The owners are very knowledgeable and provided great information (even pictures) before installing flowers. They did a great job making the process personal to me, and even checked in a few weeks later to ensure sod and flowers had taken root.

Dan L. in Littleton, CO

5.0 | 08-31-2016

Project: Install Sod

Ky was very responsive to my inquiry. He worked with me and my needs and went above and beyond to make this re-sod job look great. His experience and knowledge was evident. Would definitely recommend. He mentioned he does offer more services too.

Zell C. in Littleton, CO

5.0 | 03-14-2016

Project: Remodel a Basement

The job has moved much quicker than I ever expected. Very impressed with the speed and quality of the work.

Terri S. in Littleton, CO

5.0 | 09-10-2015

Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

great design and pricing. very flexible. team was fast, efficient. lots of compliments from neighbors on the design, including my little 4 year old neighbor boy who said "I like the curves". planning to work with them next on an interior home remodel project. Terri S. Highlands Ranch

Amy D. Littleton, CO

5.0 | 08-13-2014

Project: Install Sod

Kyliin and team are awesome and great to work with. Kyliin came out Monday and job completed Wednesday and looks great!

Ivona O. Littleton, CO

5.0 | 11-16-2009

Project: Remodel a Basement

He followed up and showed that he was willing to work with you & wanted the business. The others never followed up. I went to one of his references and they just gushed on about him. The job went very well, and any small additions or comments I had, I could email him or leave a note and they were instantly taken care of. The job finished on-time. I couldnt have had a better experience - I was so fortunate.

Anonymous Littleton, CO

5.0 | 07-28-2009

Project: Install Sod

Holter came on time and Mr. Holter was there personally to supervise the job. The job was done quickly and efficiently with excellent results. I will be using Holter again.

Anonymous Littleton, CO

5.0 | 06-15-2009

Project: Install Sod

The project was top notch and they even finished the project early. The price was significantly lower than the competition.

Ken D. Littleton, CO

5.0 | 05-17-2009

Project: Install Sod

Very good experience with Holter, would recommend.

Gary H. Littleton, CO

5.0 | 02-27-2009

Project: Grade or Reslope Grounds for Landscaping

The project was done in a very professional way. Holter Landscaping showed up on time, went above and beyond my expectations on completion of the project. I will use their services again in the near future.

Gabriela G. Littleton, CO

5.0 | 09-17-2009

Project: Landscape Designer

AAA, better no way